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31--Avian_Influenza_H5N6_in_Birds_A_Systematic_ReviewSystematic Review

Prevalence of Avian Influenza H5N6 in Birds: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Other Viral Zoonosis

Bonilla-Aldana DK, Holguin-Rivera Y, Cortes-Bonilla I, Cardona-Trujillo M.C., García-Barco A, Bedoya-Arias HA, Patiño-Cadavid LJ, Aguirre-Florez M, Balbin-Ramon GJ, ⁠ Erazo-Arana DC, Zambrano LI, Perez-Garcia L, Rodriguez-Morales AJ, and Paniz-Mondolfi A.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 146-156, 2021; pii:S232245682100020-11

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]


Reviewing Effective Factors of Alimentary Deficiency in Animals Reproductive Functions

Skliarov P, Fedorenko S, Naumenko S, Onyshchenko O, Pasternak A, Roman L, Lieshchova M, Bilyi D, and Bobrytska O.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 157-169, 2021; pii:S232245682100021-11

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]


The Broad Range of Coronaviruses Co-existing in Chiropteran: Implications for One Health

Bonilla-Aldana DK, Toro-Ortiz C, Jimenez-Salazar P, Guevara-Manso V, Jimenez-Diaz SD, Bonilla-Aldana JL, Gutierrez-Grajales EJ, Pecho-Silva S, Paniz-Mondolfi A, Suárez JA, Pachar MR, Martinez-Pulgarin DF, Zambrano LI, Soler-Tovar D, Rodriguez-Morales AJ, and Mattar S.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 170-180, 2021; pii:S232245682100022-11

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

1346-Dog_Bite_Associated_Rabies_in_Human_and_the_Use_of_Post-exposure_Prophylaxis_in_NepalResearch Paper

A Retrospective Study on Dog Bite Associated Rabies in Human and the Use of Post-exposure Prophylaxis in Nepal during 2008 to 2017

Pal P, Shimoda H, Bashyal R, Yawongsa A, and Rukkwamsuk Th.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 181-186, 2021; pii:S232245682100023-11

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

1400-4--Newcastle_Disease_Polyclonal_AntibodyResearch Paper

Production of Newcastle Disease Polyclonal Antibody as the Alternative of Immunohistochemistry Primary Antibody against Newcastle Disease in Poultry. 

Naf’an MKh, Kurniasih K, Untari T, and Prakoso YA.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 187-192, 2021; pii:S232245682100024-11

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

28-Buffalos_Granulosa_Cells_In_Vitro_Cultured_under_Heat_ElevationResearch Paper

Transcriptional, Mitochondrial Activity, and Viability of Egyptian Buffalo’s Granulosa Cells In Vitro Cultured under Heat Elevation

Ghanem N, Faheem MS, Samy R, and Barkawi AH.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 193-201, 2021; pii:S232245682100025-11

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]


Supplementation of Moringa oleifera Leaf Meal in Layer Chickens’ Feed: A Review

Gobezie E.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 202-207, 2021; pii:S232245682100026-11

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF

1600-3--White_Mice_Affected_by_Mospilan_RP_and_Actara_25_WGResearch Paper

Assessing the Chronic Poisoning of White Mice Affected by Mospilan RP and Actara 25 WG. 

Dukhnytskyi V, Sokolyuk V, Kozii N, Ligomina I, Karpyuk V, and Honcharenko V.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 208-214, 2021; pii:S232245682100027-11

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

17--Rapid_Alert_System_concerning_Parasites_in_Fishery_ProductsResearch Paper

Analysis of Notifications of the Rapid Alert System concerning Parasites in Fishery Products.

Dahani S, Bouchriti N, and Elhariri O.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 215-227, 2021; pii:S232245682100028-11

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

42-Elastin_Expression_in_RatResearch Paper

Role of Elastin Expression in Thickening the Postpartum Vaginal Wall in Virgin and Postpartum Rat Models

Setyaningrum T, Listiawan MY, Tjokroprawiro BA, Santoso B, Prakoeswa CRS, and Widjiati W.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 228-234, 2021; pii:S232245682100029-11

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

26-Chicken_Anaemia_Virus_Circulating_in_Commercial_Poultry_Flocks_in_EgyptResearch Paper

Molecular Characterization of Chicken Anaemia Virus Circulating in Commercial Poultry Flocks in Egypt during 2020

Abdelhalim A, Samir A and Yehia N.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 235-241, 2021; pii:S232245682100030-11

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

15--Agro-ecological_Zone_Age__Sex_on_Gastrointestinal_Parasites_in_DonkeysResearch Paper

Effect of Agro-ecological Zone, Age, and Sex on Prevalence and Intensity of Gastrointestinal Parasites in Donkeys in Maseru District, Lesotho

Nts’aoana ME, Molapo SM, and Kompi P.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 242-248, 2021; pii:S232245682100031-11

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

47--Genotype_and_Weaning_Age_Interaction_on_Growth_Traits_in_RabbitsResearch Paper

Effects of Genotype and Weaning Age Interaction on Growth Traits in Rabbits

Ragab M, Mostfa SMM, El-Kholy K.H., Radwan LM, El-Shafie A, and El-Ratel IT.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 249-256, 2021; pii:S232245682100032-11

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

1339-Whole_Yeast_Extract_and_Cell_Wall_on_BroilerResearch Paper

The Effect of Dietary Inclusion of Whole Yeast, Extract, and Cell Wall on Production Performance and Some Immunological Parameters of Broiler Chickens

El-Manawey MA, Yousif EY, Abo-Taleb AM and Atta AM.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 257-262, 2021; pii:S232245682100033-11

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

1400-07-Lysine_in_Commercial_Feed_of_Patin_Catfish_Pangasius_spjpgShort Communication

The Effect of Essential Amino Acid (Lysine) in Commercial Feed of Patin Catfish (Pangasius sp.)

Yaqin MA, Agustono, and Lokapimasari W.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 263-266, 2021; pii:S232245682100034-11

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

1600-7-Detection_of_Coxiella_burnetii_query_fever_DNA_by_nested-PCR_in_beef_cattleResearch Paper

Detection of Coxiella burnetii (query fever) DNA by nested-PCR in beef cattle from Ampel slaughterhouse, Boyolali Regency, middle java, Indonesia. 

Nugroho EP, Setiyono A, Hadi UK, Winarsih W, and Astuti D.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 267-272, 2021; pii:S232245682100035-11

[Full text-PDF]

1400-18-_Lipopolysaccharide_Subunit_Vaccine_of_Brucella_abortus_on_Montanide_ISA_70_Adjuvant_on_SheepShort Communication

The Effect of Lipopolysaccharide Subunit Vaccine of Brucella abortus on Montanide ISA 70 Adjuvant on Sheep. 

Khusnia F, Suwarno, and Yunus M.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 273-278, 2021; pii:S232245682100036-11

[Full text-PDF]


(GTG)5-PCR Mediated Molecular Typing of Zoonotic Bacteria. 

Babazadeh D, and Ranjbar R.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 279-283, 2021; pii:S232245682100037-11

[Full text-PDF]

1400-12-Lysine_in_Commercial_Feed_on_CarpShort Communication

Effect of Lysine Supplementation in Commercial Feed on Energy Retention and Feed Conversion Ratio of Carp (Osphronemus gouramy).

Thaiin A, Agustono and Anam Al Arif M.

World Vet. J. 11(2):284-288, 2021; pii:S232245682100038-11

[Full text-PDF]

1400-6-_Dogs_Undergoing_Adjuvant_Chemotherapy_with_Gemcitabine-CarboplatinResearch Paper

Clinical and Laboratory Findings in Dogs Undergoing Adjuvant Chemotherapy with Gemcitabine/Carboplatin Combination for Mammary Neoplasia.

Israel CB, Maués T, Ferreira AMR, and Ferreira MLG.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 289-299, 2021; pii:S232245682100039-11

[Full text-PDF]

Study of Pharmacokinetics of the Slow-release Drug in the Form of Moxidectin-Based Solution for Dogs and Cats. 

Arisova GB, Arisov MV and Stepanova IA (2021).

World Vet. J. 11(2): 300-306, 2021; pii:S232245682100040-11

[Full text-PDF]

33__-_Dietary_Energy_and_Protein_on_Blood_Profile_of_Crossbreed_Holstein_Dairy_CowsResearch Paper

The Effect of Different Dietary Energy and Protein Sources on Blood Profile of Crossbreed Holstein Dairy Cows Raised in Small Stake Holder Farms. 

Hudaya MF, Sitaresmi PI, and Widayati DT.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 307-312, 2021; pii:S232245682100041-11

[Full text-PDF]


The Grass Was Greener - Climate Change, One Health, and the High Hopes to Mitigate COVID-19, Avian Influenza, and other Zoonotic Emerging Diseases. 

Bonilla-Aldana DK, Faccini-Martínez ÁA, Vallejo-Timaran DA, Bocanegra-Viteri FdeM, Ruiz-Saenz J, Paniz-Mondolfi AE, Rodriguez-Morales AJ, and Suárez JA.

World Vet. J. 11(2): 313-316, 2021; pii:S232245682100042-11

[Full text-PDF]

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