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Volume 7 (4); December 25, 2017


Biological Control of Mycotoxins: An Update.

Fapohunda SO, Esan AO and Anjorin TS

World Vet. J. 7(4): 117-127, 2017; pii:S232245681700015-7


Biological control, or rather the deployment of living organisms in an effort to arrest the growth and development of another organism, is a hot topic in mycotoxin studies. Confirmed environmental inclemency and increasing cases of resistance, brought about by the use of chemical applications have invited the development of natural and better alternatives. Many candidates from bacteria through yeasts to fungi have been exploited to control mycotoxin-producing fungi with appreciable success. This review takes a critical look at the development and harvest the reaction of crop and livestock farmers and other stakeholders and, concludes that the bio- control of mycotoxins is a field with a promising future, in spite of a few research gaps that have to be filled.
Key words: Biological control, Crop, Food safety, Mycotoxin

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