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Volume 4 (2); June 25, 2014


Research Paper

Effects of Topical Application of Clay and Honey on Cutaneous Wound Healing in Rabbits

Asma B, Karim A, Hmida H.

World Vet. J. 4(2): 15-19, 2014; pii:S232245681400004-4



There are certain medications and procedures that can accelerate the healing of skin which have shown improvement and acceleration of wound healing with honey. Furthermore, based on studies of traditional medicine, clay therapy is effectiveness in accelerating wound healing. This study conducted to compare the efficacy of honey and clay in accelerating the healing process of the skin. 9 rabbits were used in this experiment and divided into 3 groups, first control group treated with a placebo, the second treated with a cataplasm of clay and the third treated with honey. Within 4 th and 7 th and 10 th days, 3 rabbits in each group were scarified and macroscopic and microscopic of the wound were studied and histopathological features. The results of our experiments showed that the formation of granulation tissue and the density of fibroblasts keratinisation in surface of wound in the treated group with clay were most than the group treated with honey but the two bioactives reduced inflammation, swelling and wound dehiscence in rabbits. The findings suggest that clay and honey applied topically on cutaneous wounds accelerates the healing processes and appears to have an important property that makes it ideal as a dressing on cutaneous wounds.
Clay, Honey, Wound Healing, Rabbit

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